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IDEA(s) in Motion Newsletter

About IDEA(s) in Motion 

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits + Arizona Grantmakers Forum is committed to serving the nonprofit and philanthropic communities with a focus on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA). As part of this commitment, we wanted to establish a way to share information and best practices around IDEA with our membership in a way that they would find interesting and compelling. Our goal was to serve as a key source of information on how to include IDEA practices in the operations of a nonprofit.

In the IDEA(s) In Motion newsletter, we have created a central source of communication on topics related to IDEA that our members can access whenever convenient and refer to over the course of time. We curate the best information we can find on the topic as well as including our own perspectives and the perspectives of others to promote best practices. 

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Newsletter Archive

Click on the date of each newsletter to access the email. A brief explanation of the topics covered is listed for ease.
April 2023
Equity vs Equality; Emotional Inclusion; Philanthropy and Centering Communities; Bridging; Disability & Philanthropy Forum

March 2023
Psychological Safety; Talking to Strangers; DEI and Boards; Bias in Philanthropy; Inequalities in Meetings

November/December 2022
FREE Online Learning for Nonprofits; difficult family conversations; Textio; equitable values statements; Racial Equity Tools

October 2022
Hispanic Heritage Month; The Micropedia of Microaggressions; How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents; Coco; Alt.Latino

September 2022
Alt text; You Racist, Sexist, Bigot; The Intersectional Environmentalist; Turning Red; The Minimalists Podcast

July/August 2022
Mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion; ally vs. co-conspirator; the 4 stages of psychological safety; how diversity and inclusion will drive the future of the workplace; The Forum on Workplace Inclusion podcast

June 2022
Loving v. Virginia and interracial marriage; LGBTQ+ Pride Month; We Were Dreamers; denormalizing alcohol consumption in nonprofit; Juneteenth; The Brown Burndown podcast

May 2022
Asian Americans and the model minority myth; The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace; The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias; women in technology; AsianBossGirl podcast

April 2022
Ensuring women’s equity in the workplace; Sam holds space; Diversity in the workplace; Improving your diversity IQ; Leading with Empathy and Allyship Show

March 2022
Equity and accessibility in the workplace; embracing neurodiversity; We Can’t Talk About That At Work!; are diverse companies really more innovative; Crescendo Chats podcast

February 2022
Black History Month; how to avoid tokenism; Girlboss; How To Be An Inclusive Leader; speaking openly about race makes for better business; The Nod podcast

January 2022
Training forecasts for 2022; The Disability Experience; belonging at work; how we discuss issues of race and racism; For The Love of Work podcast

December 2021
Diversity during the holidays; Latina to Latina podcast; The Loudest Duck; what’s missing in diversity and inclusion; For The Love of Work podcast

November 2021
Why cultural diversity is important; empowering people with disabilities; how to be an ally at the gym; the myth about bringing your authentic self to work; Code Switch podcast

October 2021
Increasing diversity in hiring; Self Evident podcast; the pandemic’s effects on workplace diversity; how to build your confidence; Latinos Who Lunch podcast

September 2021
Starbucks Global Academy; Tiny Spark; racial discrimination in hiring; are you biased?; Making Gay History podcast

August 2021
Racial Healing Handbook; Bystander intervention training; How to be an antiracist supervisor; unconscious bias; World Affairs podcast

July 2021
United Shades of America; e-library from Candid; gender identity terms; ways to lead tough, unavoidable conversations; You’re Wrong About podcast