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Finance & Loan Navigator

What is Finance & Loan Navigator?

The Finance & Loan Navigator program is FREE and available to any individual who feels they need to have a better understanding of both organizational nonprofit finances and the loan preparedness process. The program is aimed at C-suite and board members and is available on demand.

The program is set up as three modules: Financial Essentials, Financial Strategy and Loan Navigator.  You will receive a Financial Navigator Guide and a Loan Navigator Guide to follow along with. This program helps break down the information so you can digest it and allows you to stop and start as needed.   

Each module contains examples to follow along with, discussion guides that help you to apply the information and test your knowledge and provides suggestions for group discussions with colleagues. In addition to the guide, there are three short learning webinars, 10-15 minutes in length, paired with each module to lead you through the guide. 

Once completed, your organization will receive a complimentary consultation. See below for more details.


There are many reasons why this program is beneficial for your organization and its board members, but the following are some of the most common:

Who Should Take This Course: 

  • Nonprofit Executive Leaders/C-suite 

  • Board Chair/Treasurer/Board Members/Finance Committee Members 

Note: This resource is not designed for organizations that need money, but don’t have identified ways to pay it back. It is not designed for start-up organizations, though new organizations may find the information helpful in establishing good financial habits so that they are loan-ready in the future. 

Complimentary Benefits of Completing This Program: (For Arizona Nonprofits Only)

You will have perpetual access to the guides and videos in your member account, but only the individual(s) who went through the entire course can meet with the Navigator. To complete your course, complete the feedback form under “Completion Results” on your member account product page.

If you would like to enlist our Navigator’s services for additional services, such as education for your board, or enlist them for budget planning purposes beyond the complimentary hour, please contact us directly.

  • Arizona participants can receive a 1-hour complimentary consultation per organization with our Finance/Loan Navigator.
  • AZ Impact for Good members also receive 2 additional hours of consultation per organization EVERY year when they need it most.

After this initial consultation, you can schedule a time with our Navigator when you most need it as well. 

If you would like to enlist our Navigator’s services for additional services such as education for your board or enlist for budget planning purposes beyond the complimentary hours, please contact us directly to arrange outside of this program at