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What is AZUL?

AZUL has been designed specifically for Latinos serving in the nonprofit industry to help them grow professionally and encourage leadership in the nonprofit industry. 

Started with grant funding from Coors Light Lideres 

Program Overview

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is dedicated to building the capacity of more than 20,000 nonprofit organizations across Arizona. The Alliance has identified a diversity gap in the leadership of the majority of our nonprofits. AZUL (Arizona United Latinos) was formed with the goal to assist Latinos in rising up to fill the leadership roles in Arizona nonprofits and thus increase diversity in our nonprofits.

AZUL is a nonprofit council that will meet to connect and develop Latinos in the Arizona nonprofit sector by offering educational and leadership development programs, services and activities. AZUL is open to any Latino that is currently working in the nonprofit sector and wishes to grow in their career. Membership in the Alliance is not a program requirement.

We will regularly be seeking speakers, trainers, and sponsors to keep our content current and our members engaged. If you are interested in sharing your expertise, please contact our AZUL Program Coordinators:

Angelica Hernandez-Williams
Director of Rural Programs

Natasha Lopez-Rodriguez, MBA
Director of Capacity Building & Education