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AmeriCorps VISTA


Thank you for your interest in our program! 

AmeriCorps VISTA is a national service program designed specifically to fight poverty. Founded as Volunteers in Service to America in 1965 VISTA has been on the front lines in the fight against poverty in America for 50 years. AmeriCorps VISTA members make a year-long, full time commitment to serve on a specific project at a nonprofit organization or public agency. With passion, commitment and hard work, VISTA members bring individuals and communities out of poverty. VISTA members focus their efforts on building the organizational, administrative and financial capacity of organizations that fight poverty. VISTAs can:

• Create an adult literacy awareness campaign and recruit volunteer tutors.
• Set up transitional housing dedicated to helping the homeless turn their lives around.
• Expand programs to help low-income families obtain affordable health insurance
• Recruit mentors for children of incarcerated parents.
• Organize shelter and job opportunities for victims of disasters.
• and more!

Poverty affects us all. In Arizona, 15% of people are living in poverty, including 24% of youth. In partnership with local nonprofits and public agencies, the Alliance VISTA program coordinates a network of AmeriCorps projects throughout Arizona.


If you're an individual interested in becoming a VISTA member, click here.
If you're an organization interested in hosting a VISTA at your organization, please contact Marissa Fabel.

Please review the following information as you plan your project and prepare your application.



Is VISTA right for my organization?

We have high expectations of our partner sites. Please carefully review the following to evaluate if our program is the right fit for your organization.
The basic requirements of our VISTA sites are:

  • VISTA projects must be capacity building (creating infrastructure, program development,organization outreach, grantwriting, volunteer recruitment and management, etc). VISTA members cannot be performing direct services such as tutoring, counseling, teaching, driving clients, painting, manual labor, or clerical work.
  • Projects must demonstrate a direct, measureable impact on the community and fighting poverty.
  • Projects must be sustainable beyond the length of the VISTA member's term.
  • Qualified full-time supervisor, adequate working space and resources, appropriate work plan, and support of VISTA member in meeting project goals are required.
  • Payment of $8,500 annual fee.

What are the benefits of applying through the Alliance for an AmeriCorps VISTA Project?

  • Dedicated VISTA program staff who understand the VISTA program and contributing factors to successful projects.
  • Alliance completes large volume of required VISTA reporting and administrative paperwork. This gives your organization more time and resources to devote directly to your project, and not the program requirements of AmeriCorps VISTA.
  • Recruitment and enrollment assistance of the VISTA member.
  • Initial and ongoing support to the VISTA member.
  • Ongoing training and professional development for VISTA member.

What is the process to host an Alliance VISTA Project?

Below is a summary of important dates for inclusion in our 2015 program. Sites are encouraged to use the Prep Packet as a resource in preparing their application. You are welcome to submit your application before the stated deadline so that we may provide feedback and improve your application.

  Project Start July August November
   Project Application Deadline March 13 April 10 July 3
   Alliance Project Site Selection March 30 April 27 July 20
   VISTA Member Recruitment April 14 – May 29 May 12 – June 26 August 4 – Sept 18
   CNCS Enrollment Deadline June 1 June 29 September 21
   Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) July 13 – 16 August 10 – 13 November 3 – 6
   Members first day at site July 17 or 20  August 14 or 17 November 9

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Are you interested in becoming an AmeriCorp VISTA Member?


If you're an individual interested in applying to serve in the Alliance VISTA program, contact Alliance VISTA Leader Marissa Fabel.

Check out the Alliance VISTA Blog

Alliance VISTA Recruitment Cheat Sheet

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