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Arizona Gives Day

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Come to our Member Meeting to learn about Arizona Gives Day, the Alliance’s newest initiative to raise our profile and engage the community in supporting the state’s nonprofits...

In the spring of 2013, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, in partnership with the Arizona Grantmakers Forum, is
doing something never done before in our state. We’re taking one day to harness the power of individual
contributions statewide, using the power of online giving, connecting new and existing investors with thousands of Arizona nonprofits.

Video Credit: Emma Schneider, Arizona Grantmakers Forum

Arizona Gives Day is a joint effort to leverage the collective energy of our $20 billion nonprofit community to:

  • build sound relationships with new donors and increase the engagement of individuals with the Arizona’s nonprofit community
  • expand the capacity of nonprofits to incorporate the fastest growing source of individual investors: online giving
  • relieve pressure on institutional investors (foundations and corporations) to be funders of first choice for so many nonprofits
  • generate media messages which help to educate the wider public about the value and contributions of community impact missions in our state

Join us at the Alliance Member Meeting to learn more about how your nonprofit can participate!