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Mission: to unite, strengthen and advance Arizona's nonprofit sector.

About Us

Our mission is to unite, strengthen and advance Arizona’s nonprofit sector.

We envision an Arizona where all nonprofits are valued, empowered and thriving.

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is a unifying association formed in 2004 to advance the common interests of more than 20,000 nonprofits in the Grand Canyon State. We are a statewide organization of, by, and for all of Arizona’s nonprofits. 

The name “Alliance” is strategic. More than a mere “coalition” or an “association,” an “alliance” involves collective action for a purpose: “an association to further the common interests of the members.” The Alliance is an action-oriented group of partners across the state – both nonprofits and those in the community who support them – dedicated to furthering the common interests of Arizona’s nonprofits.

The Alliance does this by serving, supporting, protecting, and promoting the nonprofit sector. We: 

  • Serve the Arizona Nonprofit sector by providing quality information, training, and networking opportunities;
  • Support the nonprofit sector by offering savings through group-buying discount programs;
  • Protect the nonprofit sector by representing the nonprofit sector at the Arizona Legislature, state agencies that regulate nonprofits, and many other local arenas of decision making across the state; and
  • Promote the nonprofit sector by projecting a collective voice to the public about the sector’s essential contributions and significant challenges in our communities.

Its office and staff are based in Phoenix, but its reach extends across the state through many partnerships. It is governed by a two-part leadership structure, the Board of Trustees and the Nonprofit Leadership Council.